Zoiper iOS Quick Set Up Guide

  • Download Zoiper from the App Store and once opened, a dialpad will appear.1_main.png


  • Choose the option settings on the bottom right hand corner (Gear icon)2_settings.png


  • Then choose Accounts3_accounts.png


  • Inside the Accounts menu select the plus sign in the top right hand corner (plus icon)3_accounts.png


  • Select "Manual Configuration"3_manual.png


  • A prompt will appear asking if account information is available, select yes 4_yes.png


  • Choose "SIP account" for the account type5_sip.png


  • Fill in the information below, then when done select Register
    • Account Name:
    • Domain:
    • User Name:
    • Password:
    • Caller ID:
    • Auth Username:
    • User Outbound Proxy:
    • Outbound Proxy:


  • Contact support at support@cytracom.com or call 877-411-2987, option 2, option 1 for more help if needed
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