Cytracom ControlOne: Agent OS Support and System Requirements


This article discusses system requirements and support for ControlOne. 


  • Cytracom ControlOne


Windows System Requirements

Supported Windows Versions

All versions of Windows Server are not currently supported. 
Release Version Build Support Status
Windows 10 (Nov 2019, EOL*) <= 1909 <= 18363 Not Supported
Windows 10 (May 2020, EOL*) 2004 19041 yes
Windows 10 (Oct 2020) 20H2 19042 yes
Windows 10 (May 2021) 21H1 19043 yes
Windows 10 (Nov 2021) 21H2 19044 yes
Windows 11 (Nov 2021) 21H2 22000 yes

*EOL means end of life by the OS vendor, and not receiving updates or patches.

Supported Architectures for Windows

Architecture Status
x64 (64-bit Intel Compatible) Yes
x86 (32-bit Intel Compatible) Not Supported
Arm64 (64-bit) Not Supported


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (MSVC) version 14

  • This should be installed by the ControlOne installer if not already installed
  • Any MSVC installed after 2015 should already be version 14
  • If MSVC has been manually uninstalled, the ControlOne installer cannot detect MSVC is missing because MSVC does not clean up all related registry keys when uninstalled.
  • Microsoft Download Link [external]

Microsoft Edge Webview2

  • This should be installed by the ControlOne installer if not already installed.
  • Commonly installed alongside Microsoft Teams and Office365 Apps
  • Microsoft Download Link [external]

macOS System Requirements

Supported macOS Versions

Release Version Support Status
Sierra (EOL*) 10.12 or earlier Not Supported
High Sierra (EOL*) 10.13 Not Supported
Mojave (EOL*) 10.14 Not Supported
Catalina 10.15 yes – no menubar status
Big Sur 11.x yes
Monterey 12.x


Ventura 13.x


*EOL means the end of the life of the OS vendor and not receiving updates or patches.

Note: MacOS Catalina (10.15) and earlier do not display the status indicator in the Menubar.

Supported Architectures for macOS

Architecture Status
x64 (64-bit intel) Yes

arm64 (Apple silicon)

Yes, through Rosetta2*


The ControlOne Agent for macOS systems does not require the installation of any external dependencies. Only macOS system frameworks are required

On Mac computers with Apple silicon (M1 chip and later), Rosetta2 must be installed before installing the ControlOne Agent. Please see this Apple support article for more details [external].

Alternatively, we recommend pre-installing Rosetta2 with this command:

/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

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