Setting up E911

No outbound calls, including emergency calls, can be made until E911 has been set up.

  • Log in to
  • Click PBX
  • Click 911 on the menu bar.
  • Click + NEW 
  • Key in the business name and address. Enter the suite number in the Street 2 field, if applicable. If the suite number is put in the Street field, it could interfere with address recognition.
  • Choose the number to be sent to the 911 dispatcher. Typically this will be the main number, even if porting is not complete.
  • Associate with Phones links the extension(s) to the physical address of the phone. This is essential so emergency personnel can contact someone near the emergency situation if necessary.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and click Agree.
  • Click Submit
  • Test the E911 location by calling 933 from the device. An automated system will state the address put in the system.

Note: It is imperative to select a phone number that rings to many extensions at the appropriate physical location. This way, more people have access to retrieve the phone call from emergency personnel.




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