Why isn't the phone registering?

 There are a few different reasons why a phone may not be registering. Always submit a help ticket if you need further assistance.

  • If the device hasn't already been rebooted (power cycled) please do so. This may bring your phone back to an online status.                                                                                            
  • Network Connection: If power cycling the device did not bring the device back online, check for an IP address by pressing the up arrow from the main screen. If the address shows, there is likely a connection or network issue preventing the phone from accessing the internet. Please try to move the phone's location and see if it obtains an IP address at the new location. If not, an IT company/person will need to be contacted to see what is causing this issue.                                                                                                                  
  • Provisioning: If the extension name does not show in the top left of the main screen, the phone may have been reset to default. Contact a System Administrator to have the phone re-provisioned or follow the steps listed here.
  • Other: If the phone has a valid IP address and the extension name shows on the top left, the phone will need additional troubleshooting. Please contact your System Administrator.

Note: If all phones are offline, please reboot the modem, router, and then the phones, in that order to reset the network.

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