Cytracom UCaaS: Making a one-time payment


This article shows how to make a one-time payment toward outstanding UCaaS invoices. 


  • Cytracom UCaaS


You can now make one-time payments toward outstanding invoices directly from your Cytracom customer dashboard.

Note: One-time payments are lump-sum. You cannot split or make partial payments. 


1. In your customer dashboard, click the Accounting icon. 

2. The system will display your outstanding invoices. Click the Pay now button in the upper-right-hand corner of the window. 


3. The system will open a confirmation window showing the invoices covered by your payment, as well as your default payment information. Click the Change link to change your payment method to another saved card. See Managing payment methods to learn more about adding, removing, and designating default payment methods.

When ready, click the Pay now button. When the payment is validated, the confirmation window will close and you will see a payment confirmation at the bottom of the screen. If the payment cannot validate, you will see an alert at the bottom of the screen.


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