Cytracom UCaaS: Browser-related Cytracom Desktop sound issues


This article discusses sound issues related to the web browser when using Cytracom Desktop in a web browser.


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Cytracom recommends using the downloadable Cytracom Desktop App instead of the in-browser application. The Desktop App is not affected by this issue. 

If sound is not working when you use Cytracom Desktop in a web browser, they may be blocked by the browser's autoplay protection. If this happens, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Click in the browser

1. Look for a blue bar confirming autoplay protection is blocking sound. 

image (42).png

In some rare cases, Cytracom Desktop may display a red bar alerting that Cytracom Desktop cannot determine if it can play sound. 


2. Click the page in the browser even if you do not see the blue bar. This will often cause sound to resume.

3 . Clear your cookies and browser cache.

Adjust your browser's autoplay settings.

While Google Chrome does not allow you to change this setting, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers let you disable or modify autoplay:

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click the menu icon next to the address bar and choose Settings.


2, Click the Privacy link, then scroll down to Autoplay and click settings


3. Click the Default for all websites drop-down menu and make sure it is set to Allow Audio and Video.


Microsoft Edge

Navigate to Preferences→ Cookies and site permissions -→ Media autoplay- Add (next to Allow), and enter ""


If issues persist, contact Cytracom Technical Support. 

Still have questions? Click here to learn how to contact Cytracom Technical Support.

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