Cytracom UCaaS: Dynamic call parking

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This article discusses the Cytracom Desktop App's Dynamic Call Parking feature.


  • Cytracom UCaaS


Cytracom Desktop's Dynamic Call Parking feature lets you put a call on a parking lot channel of your choosing, outside of the normal 701 - 709 parking lot range. You can choose any 4-digit code to use for channel selection, effectively offering 10,000 parking lot channels.

Parking a call:

To park a call using Dynamic Call Parking, perform the steps for a traditional call park, but instead of dialing the usual 3-digit channel in the parking range, (799-709), dial07 followed immediately by a four digit channel number of your choosing.


To park a call on channel 1000, dial071000.

Channel codes must be four digits long. Assigning a shorter or longer code will cause the call to drop.

Answering a call

Answering a parked call is the same as parking a call: dial 07 plus the four-digit code The system will automatically connect the parked call. For example, to pick up a call on channel 1000 dial 071000.

Using Dynamic Call Parking with BLF keys

You can monitor Dynamic Parking Channels on BLF keys like the standard Parking channels, making it easy to park and answer calls on a regularly used channel. You can set these channels to be called at the press of a button by using Device Templating and a device's function keys (much like assigning standard parking channels to BLF keys). See Cytracom Desktop: BLF/Multipurpose keys for more information. 

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