In order to port phone numbers from a losing carrier to Cytracom, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) needs to be filled out accurately. Accuracy is key here. Carriers can reject ports because of something as small as an uncapitalized letter. If both local numbers and toll free numbers are being ported, two LOAs will need to be filled out for each type of number. Port rejections can happen for many reasons. The most common reasons are: 

  1. Address mismatch 
  2. Business name mismatch
  3. Authorized signer mismatch 
  4. Bundle service rejection - cable may be bundled with phone service 
  5. Still keeping some service with the losing service provider, and the LSP needs to confirm what they are keeping

In order to accurately fill out the LOA and avoid rejections, provide a phone bill to Cytracom from the losing carrier. Provisioning specialist can often catch mistakes by comparing the phone bill with the LOA.

Numbers being ported are added into the PBX to allow for the number to be configured. If you dial this number from another Cytracom line, the call will not route outside our system. It may appear that the number has ported early. Always dial a 1 before any number being ported but not completed.


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