Cytracom Mobile: App Troubleshooting

Error Logging In:

If a user is receiving the error below, it is most likely a result of a missing extension association in the user section.



  • An admin will need to log in to the Cytracom Secure portal and find the related user.
  • Once selected find the drop-down that displays "Extension" and choose the desired extension for that user.
  • Once selected, scroll to the bottom and hit submit.
  • Fully close the app and retry logging in.


Helpful Tip

Logging in with Extension requires the following below:

  1. Office Number: this can be any phone number that is on the client's account.
  2. Extension: this is the basic numerical extension of the desired user (ex: 23 or 576).
  3. Password: this is the password used to log into the Cytracom Secure Portal.


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