Cytracom Mobile App: Troubleshooting the Mobile App


This article discusses troubleshooting for the Cytracom Mobile App.


  • Cytracom Mobile App


Error Logging In

If a user is receiving the error below, it is most likely because an extension association in the User section is missing. 



This procedure must be performed by an Admin.

  1. Log into the Cytracom Secure portal and find the related user.
  2. Find the drop-down that displays Extension and choose the desired extension for that user.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click submit.
  4. Fully close the app and log in again.


Helpful Tip

Logging in with Extension requires the following below:

  1. Office Number: this can be any phone number that is on the client's account.
  2. Extension: this is the basic numerical extension of the desired user (ex: 23 or 576).
  3. Password: this is the password used to log into the Cytracom Secure Portal.

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