For the latest updates please refer to our Firewall Best Practices guide for the latest IP address ranges and services.

Creating a rule for Cytracom Services

  • Within the Cisco Meraki control panel, navigate to the Firewall option within the Security appliance.
  • Add a rule in Outbound rules, an example provided below:
# Policy Protocol Source Source Port Destination Destination Port Comment Hits Actions
1 Allow UDP Any Any 5060-5068 Registration    
2 Allow UDP Any Any 10000-30000 Media    
3 Allow UDP Any Any 5060-5068 Failover    
4 Allow UDP Any Any 5060-5068 BLF    
5 Allow TCP Any Any, 80 Firmware/Provisioning    


Traffic Shaping (QoS)

  • Navigate to Traffic Shaping
  • Create a rule with "All VoIP & Video Conferencing"
  • Set to ignore network per-client limit
  • Priority: High
  • DCSP tagging: 46


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