For the latest updates please refer to our Firewall Best Practices guide for the latest IP address ranges and services.

The Datto Network Appliance is an easy device to configure for Cytracom services, although a common issue has been identified. When the failover to cellular WAN occurs (on the Datto side, not Cytracom's Ivie), VoIP and other services should continue to function. The Failback is where the issue occurs. The failover policy control must be set to interrupt in order to re-register the phones on the original WAN. Otherwise the registration will occur on the original WAN, but traffic will be routed on the Cellular WAN side and drop.

Inter-Network accessibility

  • Set to "Using custom rules below"
  • Add "Internet" to the Accessible Networks for Primary LAN
  • [Save Changes]


Failover Policy Control

  • Set to "Interrupt all traffic during Failover and Failback"
  • [Save Changes]


Reboot the DNA after setting up these options

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