Log into the ZyXEL

Click on Configuration on the left-hand side ( 2 Gears icon)

Go to Network

  • ALG
    • Uncheck Enable SIP ALG
    • Uncheck Enable SIP Transformations
    • Uncheck Enable Configure SIP Inactivity Timeout
    • Uncheck Restrict Peer to Peer Signaling Connection
    • Uncheck Peer to Peer Media Connection



Click Object

  • Click Address/Geo IP
  • Click the Address tab
    • Click add
    • Create 4 new Address Rule. These have to be created separately by clicking OK after each rule and clicking Add again.
      • Rule 1
        • Name: AWS
        • Address: Range
        • Starting IP Address:
        • Ending IP Address:
        • Click OK.
      • Rule 2
        • Name: Cytracom Firmware
        • Address: IP
        • IP Address:
        • Click OK.
      • Rule 3
        • Name: Dallas
        • Address: Range
        • Starting IP:
        • Ending IP:
        • Click OK.
      • Rule 4
        • Name: Kenwood
        • Address: Range
        • Starting IP:
        • Ending IP:
        • Click OK.
      • Click Apply.


Click the Address tab

  • Click Add
    • Name: Cytracom
    • Click in the Available box and highlight each one of the Objects below and click the arrow to the right to move to the Member box. This has to be done one at a time.
      • AWS
      • Firmware
      • Dallas
      • Kenwood
    • Click Ok
    • Click Apply.


Click Security Policy

    • Policy Control
    • Create one policy for the LAN to WAN rule (First picture)


Next create another rule for the WAN to LAN.


Click Session Control

  • Set UDP Session Time Out to 300
  • Check Enable Session Limit
  • Click apply


Click BWM (Bandwidth Management)

  • Check Enable BWM
  • Under Configuration click Add
    • Create new rule with the following setup
    • Inbound and Outbound will be set for the same value.
    • To determine this value take the total number of phones at the location and multiple by 90 (Ex. 2x90= 180).



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