Configuring the Polycom SoundStation Series

Note: All of the information to put into the Polycom config is in the PBX under the extensions configuration page. Changing anything other than what is instructed will result in an unregistered device.

To configure a Polycom first log in to the Web UI of the phone by going to its IP address. The login is UN = Polycom and PW = 456. Follow the steps below:

  • Click Lines 
  • Fill in the desired display name in the Display Name field
  • Fill out the Address and the Authentication User ID with the SIP Username found on the extension configuration page. 
  • Fill out the Authentication Password with the SIP Password also found on the extensions configuration page.
  • Fill out Label with the desired label you would want for the phone.
  • Under Server 1 fill out the Address with Also fill out Port with 5060.
  • Under Outbound Proxy fill out the Address with Also fill out Port with 5060.
  • Under Message Center located at the bottom of the page fill out Subscriber with the SIP Username. 
  • Set Callback Mode to Contact.
  • Set Callback Contact to * + the extension number
  • Press Save and then the phone will reboot to apply changes.

The phone is now registered.  


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