Configuring the Snom PA-1 for use with Cytracom

The SNOM PA-1’s IP address may be found one of two ways. The DHCP table on the firewall/router can identify the address. Alternatively, plug headphones into the line out jack on the back of the unit and press the IP/RESET key and a recording will repeat the unit's IP address.


  • Enter the IP address of the device in a web browser (there is no password).
  • Click on Identity 1 section on the left-hand side of the page.
  • In the Display Name section type in the desired display name (paging extension).
  • In the Account section type in the SIP username
  • In the Password section type in the SIP password
  • In the Registrar field type in 
  • In the Authentication Username section type the SIP Username 
  • Press Apply and the device will register
  • Now go to the Nat tab while still in the Identity 1 section and in the Keepalive interval section type in 15
  • Press  Apply to make the changes.

snom set up.PNG

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