Cytracom UCaaS: How do I Update the Time Display (GXP 21XX Series Phones)?


This article discusses how to update the time display on GXP 21XX-series phones.


  • Cytracom UCaaS


Follow the directions below to update the time on the GXP 21XX series devices.

1 Access the phone with the local IP address.

2, Login with admin as both the username and password.

3, Hover over Settings > Preferences > Date and Time.

4. Make sure NTP server is correct: ‘’

5. Select No for Allow DHCP Option 42 to override NTP server.

6. Select your time zone from the Time Zone drop down box.

7. Uncheck Allow DHCP Option 2 to Override Time Zone Setting.

When finished, click Save and Apply. No reboot is required.

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