cFax FAQs and Overview

How do I get started with Cytracom Fax (cFax) services?

Give Cytracom a call or contact your local IT provider to subscribe to this monthly service.


Can I use my existing fax machine?

Yes! We offer a FaxBridge that can be plugged into your existing fax machine so that faxes can be received and transmitted. 


Do I have to have a fax machine?

No! Faxes can be transmitted via email or through Cytracom's portal.


Can I use my existing fax number?

Yes! We can port your existing fax number over to your Cytracom account for cFax. 


Can anyone use the fax service at my company?

Yes! Users enabled on their Cytracom account will have access to cFax. In order to add users, speak with your system administrator. Each user has their own notification options to allow customization of inbound and outbound fax notifications (emails). 




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