How to Add and Manage cFax Users


  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Users
  3. Select a user
  4. Scroll down to cFax Settings
  5. Toggle on cFax Access
  6. Assign either Admin or User from the cFax Role drop-down menuScreen_Shot_2018-09-19_at_11.15.42_AM.png
    • Admin - Full access to the cFax account setting including:
      • Managing fax numbers
      • Managing cFax users
      • Viewing all cFax history
    • Users - Can only manage their own cFax usage
  7. Click Submit

Once a selected user logs out and logs back in, a Fax option will appear in the navigation menu at the top of the Secure portal. As always, contact Cytracom support at 877-411-2987 or submit a ticket here if needed.


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