How to Add and Manage cFax Users


  1. An account admin can log into
  2. Click Users
  3. Click the edit option for the user
  4. Scroll down to Cytracom Fax
  5. Toggle on cFax Access
  6. Assign either Admin or User from the cFax Role drop-down menuScreen_Shot_2018-09-19_at_11.15.42_AM.png
    • Admin - Full access to the cFax account settings including:
      • Managing fax numbers
      • Managing cFax users
      • Viewing all cFax history
    • Users - Can only manage their own cFax usage
  7. Click Submit

Once a selected user logs back in, a Fax tab will appear in the navigation menu. 

Please contact a System Administrator for further assistance. 


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