Cytracm UCaaS: Troubleshooting a FaxBridge.


This article discusses how to trubleshoot a Cytracom fFaxBridge.


  • Cytracom UCaaS



1. Power cycle the FaxBridge and fax machine together.

2. Make sure the PWR/SYS lights on the front of the device are solid green.

3. Check the cables securing physical connections, and swap them out if necessary.

4. Upgrade the firmware.

5. Test between changing the PX values (in order 2, 1 then 3)

6. Test the device in a known working environment (if possible)

7. Whitelist the following FaxBridge IP address ranges: -

8. Ensure that port 443 is open and the device is allowed to transmit outside of the network/firewall.

Recommended FaxBridge settings

  • ECM: Off
  • Baud/Transmission Rate: Low/basic or 9600
  • Distinctive Ring: Off
  • Auto-answer: On
  • Number of rings: 0-3

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