Cytracom Mobile App: iOS app overview

Cytracom's Mobile App Made Simple! 


Compatible with an iPhone running iOS 13 or later (see here for hardware compatibility), and must be (or log in with) a user, with any role within the Cytracom portal. For additional troubleshooting, please click here. 

The mobile app integration needs to be enabled from the integrations tab by an administrator before use. 

Where to Download the App

If you have an iPhone, navigate to the App Store, search Cytracom Mobile App , or click here.

If you have an Android, navigate to the Play Store, search Cytracom Mobile App, or click here.

How to Log In

  • Open the App
  • Log in with your credentials
    • Phone number, extension, and password OR
    • Email and password

Note: The Cytracom mobile app will not affect the device registration limitation in the portal, but a 3rd Party soft-phone app will. Registration limitations can be found here.

1_-_Login_-_A.png 1_-_Login_-_B.png


Once logged in, choose a ring strategy:

  • Both Simultaneously - will call your desktop and mobile phone at the same time
  • Mobile First, Then Desktop - Call your mobile-first, then try desktop
  • Desktop First, Then Mobile - Call your desktop first, then try mobile
  • Desktop Only - Never sends a call to mobile, but can still make outbound calls
  • Mobile Only - Never sends calls to your desktop, but can still make outbound calls

To access your ring strategy after login, select your contact or 3 vertical dots on the upper left corner of the screen then click on call strategy.




  • Press the icon labeled Contacts
  • All contacts that are on your Cytracom account are initially listed. The button in the upper right allows you to toggle between this list and the phone's contacts for use within the app. 
  • Your profile is shown next and can be accessed to change preferences from installation or log out. This same screen is available throughout the app by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of all screens.
  • Messaging presence is indicated for each user by a dot following their name:
    • Blue - available
    • Gray - unavailable
  • Call presence is also indicated here near the extension:
    • Green - available
    • Red - unavailable
  • Press the contact you would like to call or message
  • From the contact's details page you can:
    • Initiate a call by pressing the phone icon or the Call button
    • Send a text message by pressing the chat icon or the Message button
    • View their location on a map by pressing the arrow icon in the location row
  • You will be given a choice:
    • Call their extension OR
    • Call their direct number if they have one
    • After choosing, press send

Contacts.jpeg    UserProfile.jpeg  Contact_Detail.png

 Call History

  • Press the icon labeled History
  • Completed calls are in black and 
    • Display a phone icon
    • Contact name
    • Phone number or extension
    • Time or date of the call
  • Missed calls are in red and
    • Displays the caller ID
    • Phone number or extension
    • Time or date of the call
  • Pressing on any entry will initiate a call to that number
  • All entries end with an information icon which when pressed will bring up:
    • Displays profile picture if one has been uploaded
    • Caller ID
    • Phone number or extension
    • Call back icon
    • E911 location
    • Call history for that individual

History.png.    History_Detail.png


Calls can be made in multiple ways by selecting:

  • Contacts - search or scroll to the desired contact
  • History - scroll to the desired call, and press the number
  • Dialpad - dial the number and press the send icon
  • Voicemail - Press on the desired voicemail and press on the phone icon 
  • Siri - say, "Hey Siri, call (name or number) using Cytracom Mobile App." Siri is finicky, and you must say "Using" or it will not initiate the call within the app.

On the dial pad, enter a phone number and press the green button to initiate a call. If the number entered matches information from a contact, the contact information will be shown at the top of the screen. The delete key next to the green button is a backspace for correcting digits as entered. Finally, the speech bubble in the upper right corner pulls up a feedback menu about the application.



Note: If the user is mobile and 911 is called, the app will route the call through the carrier for location purposes.

Transfer a Call

Press the upper right corner arrow icon to transfer a call. Call transfers can be done in one of two ways:

  • Blind Transfer
    • While on an active call, press the transfer icon
    • Select the contact or go to the dial pad to dial the phone number
    • Confirm the transfer
  • Attended Transfer
    • While on an active call, place the call on hold by pressing the pause icon
    • Click the + icon to add another call
    • Ask the new caller if they would like to take the first call
    • If yes, click on the transfer icon
    • Click on the word Holding by the first caller's name
    • Confirm the transfer


Making a Conference Call

  • Up to 3 people can be on a call (including the user)
  • Once on a call, press the + icon on the dial screen
  • Dial the desired phone number 
  • Press send
  • Once the second call is answered, press the merge icon beneath the speaker icon to join the calls


Undo a Merged Conference Call

While on the conference call, you can also undo the merged calls. Simply press the same merge icon that shows the arrow now separating.



The messaging menu item at the bottom of the screen takes you to a history of your text messages. Clicking on any entry will take you to the history of that discussion. The button in the top right is used for creating new discussions or discussion rooms. 

Messaging.png   Room_Creation.PNG    Room_Members.PNG


Note: When setting up your mailbox in the Cytracom portal at, there are a few choices. If you choose from the dropdown menu of Delete Voicemails to Delete After Emailed, they will not populate on the mobile app.

  • Voicemails will be indicated by a red number on the voicemail icon
  • Click on the voicemail icon
  • You will see a list of available messages
  • Opening an item from the list will show you:
    • A play button (becomes pause when the message is playing)
    • Caller's name if available
    • Phone number or extension
    • Date and time of the call
    • The call length (becomes a status bar while playing
    • Call back icon
    • Message back icon
    • Voicemail download button
    • Delete
    • Transcription if this is enabled on your mailbox - this would have to be done by an administrator on the account


Still have questions? Click here to learn how to contact Cytracom Technical Support.

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