Each extension is routed through Cytracom’s PBX. Calls can be routed in many ways based on the configuration of each extension in the PBX. User rights are determined by a System Administrator; therefore, some users may not be able to change their extension’s settings without the help of a System Administrator.  

Note: A Find Me setting is available to enable a user to receive calls on their personal device without giving out their personal number. If a Find Me call goes unanswered, the call is pulled back to the PBX so a voicemail can be left on the system instead of on a personal device.

The PBX will list all extensions of an account.

Creating an Extension:

  • In the PBX, click the Extensions tab on the menu bar.
  • Click + New. (If this button does not work, all of the available extensions may be in use.)
  • Assign a 2-6 digit extension number for the new user.  
  • Name the extension with the person’s first and last name.
  • Select a phone number under the Outgoing Caller ID to be used as the outbound caller ID for this extension.
  • Under the E911 Location, select the location for this extension.
  • Define routing options under the Call Routing tab.
    • Designate the Try First route for a call.
    • The If Busy option will only be triggered if Do Not Disturb (DND) is enabled.
    • If Not Answered will route calls to the option chosen.
    • If Offline defines the route of a call if there is a problem with the phone’s registration, the internet is not working, the power is out, or the phone has come unplugged.
  • OPTIONAL - Find Me tab under Call Routing:
    • Select the Route Type (up to 5).
    • All routes will ring at once if Blast Calls is enabled.
    • Select if the caller should record their name to be announced.
    • Choose the number of rings for each route.
    • Route the unanswered call to a mailbox.
  • Click Submit.

What type of phone will be used?

  • Grandstream devices - Create a device for this extension on the Devices page.
  • Any other SIP device or a softphone - Click on the SIP Config tab to retrieve the SIP Username and SIP Password.

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