Cytracom has released a new version of our Desktop application, that includes a soft phone, so that you may make and receive calls from your computer without a physical desk phone to aid in supporting remote workers.




How to access Cytracom Desktop

How to enable notifications




Cytracom Desktop lets you talk, text, fax—all from a single pane of glass. Start a dedicated conversation in a private room. Text a client or include them in a group chat. Best of all—customers can text you first, just as they would text anyone else. You can learn more about the Business Messaging terminology here.


  • A new non-admin user must be setup as a user by their Cytracom admin. This person can easily invite users in one step from their Desktop, or manually add them instead as explained here: Adding a New User -- The admin must assign an extension to the user during this process.
  • For Business Messaging specifically, a C2 Service Plan is required- all other features are available to all customers.

How to access Cytracom Desktop

Download the Desktop App here.

Or, Cytracom Desktop can be accessed via a Chrome browser at:

Logging in

  • Login to the app with your Cytracom credentials- email address or phone number/extension and password
  • Once logged in, you will see interoffice contacts on your left




How to enable notifications

  • Click on the lock icon next to the URL
  • Choose which notifications to enable





  • Select the user's profile avatar in the top left to see options


  • Click on Preferences
  • Choose your calling strategy
    • Computer or desk phone
  • Change the avatar/profile picture here if desired
  • A profile picture can be uploaded here 


Desktop Icons 

The illuminated icons on the left side will allow you to navigate between voice communication, messaging, call center queues, and faxing.




Status Icons:

  • Avatar - Contact's initial or uploaded picture
  • Availability - halo around avatar indicates user online in Cytracom app
  • Phone status
    • Ringing
    • On the phone


Display Bar


  • Contacts - listing of interoffice contacts by extension
  • Calls - listing of entire call history displayed by default, but may be filtered by call type


  • Voicemails - listing of voicemails with audio playback. Transcription will be displayed for users on the C2 plan when this option has been enabled in the system.

Placing a call 

Dial pad 

  • If using your computer as a softphone, use of a headset is always recommended for optimal audio quality
  • The dial pad at the bottom left will allow a number to be manually entered or pasted. In addition, an interoffice contact may be searched from the dial pad by typing, e.g. "Ada" may return "Adam" and his extension number




Placing a call to a contact

  • Select the phone icon to the right of the contact name, or at the top right of a contact's profile to initiate a call
  • The icon will display a ringing symbol and the dialpad calling indicator in the lower left will display the active call




Expand an Active Call 

While on an active call, click on the dialpad indicator to expand the active call information to full screen. This will give you further options such as the ability to input a selection when prompted by an automated system, adding a call, mute, place on hold, and end the call.


Transferring a call

  • While on an active call, expand the active call as explained above
  • Click transfer
  • Choose the contact you would like to transfer to
  • The call will immediately transfer to the chosen destination 


  • Rooms  - an ongoing topic of conversation that allows the owner to add or remove members




The members within each conversation are added when the conversation is created. For Rooms, the members are selected from the contact list. 

Room options:

  • Select the vertical ellipsis to see members in the room and add additional members
  • Select the settings widget to mute or leave the room



  • Direct Messages  -the members are either selected from the contact list, or by simply entering a phone number for a desired recipient that is using SMS



    • Blue avatars/bubbles indicates the person is using Cytracom Apps
    • Green avatars/bubbles indicates the person is using SMS 

To start or continue a message with a contact:

  • Select the contact
  • Select the blue message icon at the top right




 Direct message options:

  • Select the green phone icon to call the contact
  • Select the blue settings widget to mute or hide the direct message
  • Select the vertical ellipsis to see the members of the direct message




Click on the queue icon, below messaging, to view the call center queues. Note that this only applies if you have added call center agents to your Cytracom service. The queues you have setup will be displayed as tiles. 




Click on any tile to expand that queue and view more details. You can view the real time queue summary, agent status, and the queue history. The red bubble around a given caller's wait time indicates that the call has exceeded the average hold or average talk time for that queue.





Click on the fax icon to initiate a fax or view fax history. You also have an option to include a cover page.



Note: Greyed out options throughout Desktop are features that will be available in upcoming releases.
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