Cytracom Autotask Integration: Setting up the Autotask Integration


This article explains how to set up and use the Autotask Integration for the Cytracom Desktop App.


  • Cytracom Autotask Integration


Autotask is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool that provides an easy way to view and manage contacts, companies, and tickets.


The Autotask integration allows you to

  • Add and edit companies and contacts

  • View companies and contacts

  • Search for companies and contacts to find locations, apps, integrations, Software expirations, configurations, domains, and attachments

  • Place calls and generate emails from a contact’s profile

  • View and open tickets for companies and contacts

  • Impersonate other users


Your company must also have a contract with Autotask, to which the pricing will be provided to you by Autotask.

Setup procedure

Before you start: To use the Autotask Integration, you must first create an API user

Add Autotask to Desktop

1. In Cytracom Desktop, click the Marketplace icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Scroll down to locate the Autotask integration, and click the Add button.

A message will display at the top of the screen indicating Autotask has been installed, and the Autotask icon will display in the app pane navigation.

Log into Autotask

You will need your API credentials to log into Autotask. Your API credentials are a special username and password, and different from your normal username and password.

1. Click the Autotask icon in the app pane navigation.

2. Enter your API credentials and click the Login button. 
3. You will be signed in to Autotask, and the Explore tab will display.

Autotask Integration features

  • The Explore tab lets you search for accounts, contacts, and tickets that match your search criteria. Explore defaults to display the items you have recently viewed.
    Note: This tab will not display any recently viewed items on first login, and until you have viewed a company, contact, or ticket. 

  • Explore search will display anything (including companies, contacts, and tickets) matching the search criteria you enter. Clicking an account will display the company’s detailed information, a contact will display the contact’s detailed information, and a ticket will display the ticket’s information.

  • The My Tickets tab displays a list of tickets that you have created. Clicking a ticket will display the ticket’s details. Using the search bar on the My Tickets tab will display any tickets matching the search criteria you entered. Clicking a ticket will display the ticket’s information (see the Working with company profiles section for more information).
    Note: If using shared API credentials, all tickets created under the credentials will display. 

  • The Details tab will display information specific to a ticket, including:
    • Summary Description: a description of the ticket

    • Associated Company: the company related to the ticket

    • Associated Contact: the point of contact at the company related to the ticket

    • Create Date: the date the ticket was created

    • Due Date: the date the ticket is due to be completed by

    • Estimated Hours: the number of hours estimated to complete the ticket

    • Status: status of the ticket

    • Priority: the priority level of the ticket

    • SLA

    • SLA Next Event Hours

  • The Notes tab will display the notes that any user added to a ticket. Using the search bar on the Notes tab will display truncated versions of any notes matching the search criteria you entered. Clicking a note will display the full note.

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