Cytracom Desktop: Integrations Overview

The Cytracom Marketplace contains many integrations that you can use in your Cytracom Desktop. Integrating the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and Professional Service Automation (PSA) tools that you use everyday in your business with your phone system make them faster and easier to access. With these integrated tools, you can use Cytracom Discover to access the contextual data for each caller to help you have a conversation that counts.


The integrations are designed for and tested on Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is not supported on Microsoft Edge browsers. If it is not installing correctly on Chrome or Firefox, please make sure the browser and application are up to date.

Installing Integrations

  1. Log into Cytracom Desktop.
  2. Click on the Marketplace icon in the left navigation section (the button below your profile).

  3. Scroll down to see the Available Apps section.
  4. Click the “Add” button within tool you'd like to integrate with and two things happen:
    1. The icon for that application is added to the list on the right most border of the window 
    2. The large icon for that tool is moved to the bottom of the list under the heading My Apps
  5. When you click on the integration's logo on the left of the screen, a left panel expands showing the log in screen.
  6. Each integration may have slightly different login requirements and methods (including some pop-up windows), but typically call for a domain, username, and password. See the specific Integration page for details on how to log in.

NOTE: If the app you want is not currently available, please see the feedback section below to help us prioritize what other tools we add next.


Every integration is unique, but they do have some things in common. The specific controls, values, menus, and other differences are detailed in the Help Center articles for each Integration. 

The heart of each Integration though is the Cytracom Discover button Screen_Shot_2021-03-10_at_6.16.01_PM.png  at the top of the right pane or border when in the Cytracom Desktop. When a call comes in to the Cytracom user, the button flashes and a single click sends that phone number to all logged in Integrations and returns all the available information. Depending on how you've configured that external tool, information about recent calls, support tickets, billing, or anything else is immediately returned to the same screen the agent is using for the phone.

Whenever possible, Integrations allow as much data to be customized as possible right there in the Cytracom application. Some tool vendors don't allow that so in some cases, a button near the Integration name takes agents directly to the external application for a second window. 


We'd love to hear which Integrations can and do help you with your business. As such we have a few built in ways to let us know how we can help.

Marketplace: The Marketplace button (directly below the user's ID in the top left) has one section we skipped at installation, called Upcoming Apps. This list of tools is drawn from requests we've had for other integrations. If you see a service you use, or plan to use, that you would like Integrated into Cytracom's Desktop, then click the thumb's up associated with that app.

User ID: Click the the user ID icon and select Provide Feedback from the resulting menu. You'll be taken to a screen where you can read other people's reviews of the software or click the plus sign to leave your own message. 

Help: Finally the help button in the lower right opens a menu for help in the Desktop App, but also provides links back to the Help Center and the ability to submit tickets here as usual.

Still have questions? Click here to learn how to contact Cytracom Technical Support.

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