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This article discusses how to set up the Salesforce integration in Cytracom Desktop


  • Cytracom UCaaS (Desktop)


Registration Prior to First Login

Before the Cytracom Desktop Integration can work with your Salesforce account, it needs pre-approval. For this to work, someone with admin access needs to log into the Salesforce website and add it via the security settings. Specifically, that admin user needs to:

  1. Navigate to Setup>Security>CORS.
  2. Click the New button next to the words Allowed Origins List.
  3. In the new window, add an Origin URL pattern of 
  4. Click Save.
  5. Back on the CORS page, click the Edit button near the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Policy Setting heading.
  6. In the new window, ensure that the "Enable CORS for OAuth endpoints" box is checked.
  7. Click Save.

Log into the Salesforce Integration

  1. When you click on the Salesforce logo, it expands the panel and provides the log in screen
  2. Enter the subdomain information that you use to log into Salesforce (not the entire URL, merely the term before "")
  3. Enter the region that you are in (i.e., US)
  4. Click login
  5. You are taken to a pop up asking you to sign in to Salesforce (you will use your Salesforce email address and password)

How to use Salesforce in Desktop

  1. You start on the Explore page. The Explore page shows your most recently visited contacts, organizations, and locations. Note that this means on first use, the page will be blank until populated by searches.
  2. The lightning bolt button in the top left of that section of the screen is the Cytracom Discover button. When on an incoming call, clicking this button will search all integrations for the active caller. This may be the fastest way to reach the relevant data.
  3. The search bar (Highlighted in the picture above) is another way to find relevant information you have about a client.
  4. Finally, the menu bar that defaults to Explore can also be used to search for your Leads, Accounts, or Contacts. All of these screens will have the same buttons available.

Quick Action icons throughout the panel allow you to quickly:

  • Log out (gear)
  • Close the Integration panel (x)
  • Open the record in the Salesforce Website (loopback arrow)
  • Initiate a phone call (phone)
  • Initiate a text message (speech bubble)
  • Write an email (envelope)
  • Create or edit a record of that type (+)

The last four buttons are context sensitive and will be available when appropriate.


Some users have experienced issues with contacts within the Integration. If this is the case, you may need someone with Admin privileges for Salesforce to enable CRM access. For them to do this, they must:

  1. Login to Salesforce.
  2. Navigate to Setup>Feature Settings>Salesforce Files>Salesforce CRM Content.
  3. Verify that the entry "Enable Salesforce CRM Content" has a check mark associated with it.
  4. Click Save.

Important Note

In order for the Salesforce Integration to function properly, it is necessary for your Salesforce plan to have external API Access capabilities. However, this feature is only available for specific plans:

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