Cytracom Desktop: The ConnectWise Integration

Note: This integration will only function on the hosted version of ConnectWise not a local installation.

Creating an Integrator Login for Cytracom via ConnectWise Manage

  • Log into the ConnectWise Manage Portal or application
  • Select System in the manage bar and then the Setup Tables Submenu
  • Within Setup Tables search for "integrator"
  • Select the "Integrator Login" Hyperlink to be taken to the Integrator Login List


  • Select the + option to create a new user


  • Fill in the information for each Panel
    • Username: <insert desired username>
    • Password: <insert desired password>
    • Access Level: All Records
    • API Integrations
      • Activity
      • Agreement
      • Company
      • Configuration
      • Contact
      • Document
      • Invoice
      • LogMeIn Support
      • Managed Services
      • Marketing
      • Member
      • NTR Support
      • Opportunity
      • Opportunity Conversation
      • Product
      • Project
      • Purchasing
      • Reporting
      • Schedule
      • Service Ticket
        • Service Board: <optional/applicable>
      • System


  • Select the Save and Close option

Logging into the ConnectWise Integration

  1. Click on the ConnectWise logo on the right edge of the screen.
  2. Enter the information configured above into the login screen.


  • Integrator Login:
  • Password:
  • Member ID:
  • Company ID:
  • Click Login, and if all the items above were set up properly the PSA should now be connected.

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