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The hardware associated with an extension in the PBX is referred to as a Device. An extension may have up to two devices associated with it. Manage these devices in Cytracom’s PBX.

Creating a Device

    • Choose Device on the main menu bar of the PBX.
    • Click + New.
    • Name the device.  (i.e. John’s cell phone)
    • Key in the 12 character MAC address with no spaces or colons that is on the back of the device.
    • Select a device template.
    • Select the device type.
    • Select the mailbox that the device is associated with.
    • Select the time zone for the device.
    • Select the extension to associate with the device. Use 1 as the Account Number.
    • Configure Multi-Purpose-Keys if needed in the next section.
    • Click Submit.

Note: This feature only pertains to Grandstream phones at this time.

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