Call Center Overview

Call Center is a feature that can be added to any customer's plan for a per user monthly fee. Contact Cytracom sales to add this to an existing plan. Call center allows inbound calls to be placed in a queue. There are a few different ring strategies that customers may choose from as calls come into their queue: Ring All, Round Robin, Least Recent, Fewest Calls, and Random.  

The While Caller is Waiting section allows the customer to play messages for their callers on hold, set how often those messages play, enables the caller to exit the queue by pressing 0, and announces their hold time. 

Under the Agents section, agents can be assigned to a queue and even placed in a specified order.  

Reason codes are set up in order to allow an agent to pause while logged into the queue for specified reasons set in the PBX. Below is a screen shot for setting up a new Queue.

Once Call Center is active on the account, there are several different views that are available:

Call Queue Detail

Queue Performance Report

Agent Performance Report


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