Updating Caller ID

Updating Caller ID is not too difficult, just keep in mind that if the phone number needs to be changed, it must be to a number that is on the account.

How to adjust the Caller ID Number or the Caller ID Name (CNAM):

Caller ID Number

The Caller ID Number is controlled by each extension. Each person can have their own direct number show, or it can show a phone number for a department, group, etc.

  • Go to secure.cytracom.net.
  • Log in and click on PBX.
  • Click on Extensions.
  • Open the extension needing to change.
  • Choose the new phone number under Outgoing Caller ID.
  • Click Submit .

Caller ID Name (CNAM) 

Note: When changing a name for Caller ID, keep in mind that it can take up to a week for the new name to populate, because this is dependent on the receiving carrier. The CNAM can be no more than 15 characters due to the limitations on the public telephone network.

  • Go to secure.cytracom.net.
  • Log in and click on PBX .
  • Click on Phone Numbers.
  • Type in the new name under Caller ID (CNAM).
  • Click Submit.
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