Listen Live & Barge

In order to enable Listen Live, Barge, or both Listen Live and Barge:

  1. Log in to the PBX.
  2. Click on the + button on the right-hand side of the main menu to view more options.
  3. Navigate to Listen Live/Barge.
  4. Select Listen, Barge or both Listen and Barge from the dropdown menu under Listen Mode.
  5. Set the pin number up to 4 digits.
  6. Choose who can use the feature by moving them from available to selected using the arrows between the two boxes.
  7. In the next section, choose who may be listened to using the arrows between the boxes.
  8. Once the users have been selected, click Submit

Using Listen Live/Barge - 

*057 plus extension number - Persistent Listen Live (This will play hold music when the agent is not on a call)

  • option 0 - listen-only (neither agent nor client can hear the spectator)
  • option 1 - whisper to the caller (only the caller can hear the spectator)
  • option 2 - whisper to the agent (only the agent can hear the spectator)
  • option 3 - barge/conference (agent and client can hear the spectator)


*Note - Persistent listen live will only activate on a new call, not a current call. 

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