Changing Extension Numbers

Sometimes an extension needs to be re-purposed or moved from one location to another, and the extension number must be changed. There are a few steps to this process:

  1. Remove the extension from all routing on the system. This includes direct routing from phone numbers, groups, auto attendant options, Time Frames, and Find Me settings.
  2. Adjust the Device in the portal to temporarily point to a different extension under Accounts. Which extension is not important, as this will be changed back shortly to the new extension.
  3. Delete the extension by going to the Extensions page and clicking the trash can twice on the line with the desired extension.
  4. Click + New and set up the extension again with the new number. Make sure to point the mailbox settings to the original mailbox for that extension.
  5. On the Mailboxes page, edit that mailbox and enter the new extension number and name if necessary.
  6. Go back to the Device and change the Account to point to the correct extension again.

Reboot the phone for it to pull the changes down. Feel free to email if further assistance is needed.

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