Note: This integration will only function on the hosted version of ConnectWise not a local installation.

Creating an integrator Login for Cytracom via Connectwise Manage

  • Log into the ConnectWise Manage Portal or application
  • Select System in the manage bar and then the Setup Tables Submenu
  • Within Setup Tables search for "integrator"
  • Select the "Integrator Login" Hyperlink to be taken to the Integrator Login List


  • Select the + option to create a new user


  • Fill in the information for each Panel
    • Username: <insert desired username>
    • Password: <insert desired password>
    • Access Level: All Records
    • API Integrations
      • Activity
      • Agreement
      • Company
      • Configuration
      • Contact
      • Document
      • Invoice
      • LogMeIn Support
      • Managed Services
      • Marketing
      • Member
      • NTR Support
      • Opportunity
      • Opportunity Conversation
      • Product
      • Project
      • Purchasing
      • Reporting
      • Schedule
      • Service Ticket
        • Service Board: <optional/applicable>
      • System


  • Select the Save and Close option

Logging into the PSA connector via the Company Profile option in the Partner Portal

Select Company Profile Icon on the left menu

  • Select PSA connector from the submenu
  • Select ConnectWise Manage from the drop down
  • Integrator Login:
    • This will be the username created for the integrator login
  • Password:
    • This will be the password for the integrator login
  • Member Identifier:
    • This is the normal login username used for ConnectWise Manage
  • Company ID:
    • Contact ConnectWise support to verify or acquire this portion
  • Select Connect, and if all the items above were set up properly the PSA should now be connected!


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